Whitby Chronicle July 31, 1873


Hr. Henry Hannam died at his residence near Brooklin on Saturday last; his remains interred in the Wesleyan Cemetery at that place on Monday. He resided in Whitby for nearly forty years, and, from the various offices which he filled for a number of years, as assessor, collector, crier of the court, and messenger to the county council, few men were better known in town or county. His familiar presence will in future be missed from those posts, where he was the observed of all observers, and the duties of each and all of which he discharged so efficiently. His illness was very brief, and his death although not sudden, for he had been about a week confined to bed, was rather unexpected. Mr. Hannam was a native of Somersetshire, in England, and was born in March 1811, and was consequently 62 years and four months old at, the time oi his decease. He came to this country as far back as 1829, and after a short stay in Bath, finally settled down in Whitby, where he resided for the long period already mentioned. He reared a large family of 13 children--11 of whom with his widow survive him. Three girls and two boys are still unmarried and live with the mother. Henry was a genial honest man and his obliging manner as a public officer made him a favorite with all whom he came in contact with.


HANNAM--At his residence, township of Whitby, On Saturday, 26th inst., Mr. Henry Hannam, aged 62 years and 4 months.