The Gazette and Chronicle (Whitby) September 5, 1912


Mr. W. A. Holliday has sold his store here (Brooklin) to Mr. W. M. Lawrence, of Oshawa, manager of Sutcliffe & Sons' store in that town. The change will take place on September 20th. Mr. Lawrence is not a stranger here, having clerked in the stores of A. F. Darlington and R. C. Warren years ago. He is a native of Whitby Township, having been born at Ashburn and later living in Columbus. Mr. Lawrence is highly spoken of by all who know him and comes here under favorable circumstances.

Mr. Holliday has no plans made for the future and expects to be in Brooklin for a few months

Mr. T. J. Holliday purchased this business from Mr. E. R. B. Hayward in 1878, and it was carried on by him until his death in 1889. Mr. W. A. Holliday, who had been a clerk in his father's store, assumed control of the business upon the death of his father and has been at the helm ever since.

Mr. Holliday is a young man of exceptional ability, and he has not only conducted a lucrative business in a way to merit the esteem of all men, but he has been identified with every forward movement in the village, and has left his impress for good in the community. As a member of the Presbyterian Church and Superintendent of the Sunday School Mr. Holliday has done excellent service, and it would not be easy to fill his place. He has been Township Treasurer for years, and has filled the position efficiently. It will be a great loss to the village and to the community at large, if Mr. Holliday should cease to make this his home.