> Kyle's Poem

A Tragic Accident

October 2, 2003

Yesterday, a few friends of mine were involved in a tragic accident. They were side-swiped by an oncoming tractor-trailor, heading northbound on highway 12, likely from Brooklin Concrete.

Praying for life when death is
so close.
Life is so fragile, a ghost of
a meaning.
Taken away, seemingly sudden.
Pulled away from us hopelessly,
leaving us to grieve over the loss.
Flowing away from our loved ones like a river,
red with blood, salty with tears,
boiling with accumulated fears.
But, hope can shine through, easing our pain;
never theirs.
Hope is the only weapon to fight our greatest fear;
that they're gone.

To Halz and Wes, may they live long and die old, peacefully, and happy.

Kyle Titterton.