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July 9, 1897
Brooklin Always Wins

From the Brooklin Column in The [Whitby] Chronicle, July 9, 1897, by W. A. Holliday:


Palm leaf fans, 1 cent each at Holliday Bros.

Mrs. W. F. Ketchen is visiting at Mr. A. Ketchen’s.

R H Walks B A, of Lindsay, arrived home on Tuesday evening.

Miss Miller, of Guelph, is visiting her friend, Miss Lillian Holliday.

Mr. Geo. Magner, of Newport R.I., paid a brief visit to his friends here last week.

Sixty five tickets were sold here on Tuesday morning for the excursion to Guelph.

Art muslins, at 8c, 10c, and 13 cents; new crinkle cloths at 10c a yard at Holliday Bros.

Mr. O. Sebert is having some improvements made in his hotel. It has been re-shingled this week.

Miss Marshall and Master Ralph Marshall have gone to Watford where they will remain until about Sept. 1st.

Mrs. Kingbury, of Alpena, Mich., who was called to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. John Magner, is now here. Mrs. Magner is gradually growing weaker.

Mssrs Frank Hallett, Ed Holliday, and Fred Holliday intend leaving for a bicycle trip to New York and Philadelphia to-morrow (Saturday). They expect to be away about three weeks.

93 in the shade on Sunday here. The ministers of the different churches very considerately shortened the services and thus won the heartfelt gratitude of the members of their congregations.

The school football team went to Columbus on Monday to play the school team of that village. The struggle continued for forty minutes during which time the ball was almost constantly in the vicinity of the Columbus goal, but no scoring was done. A return game will likely be played here soon.

The big hole that was washed out in the mill dam early in the spring has been filled in at last. Last week Mr Grass had a series of bees, to which his friends turned out in large numbers, many bringing a team of horses with them, and gave much valued assistance. The water will be let in this week after the new earth has had time to settle some.

Those who attended the union Sunday school picnic at Oshawa-on-the-lake last week spent a most enjoyable day. The weather, which had a threatening appearance in the morning, turned out fine and was all that could be desired. The attendance made it the largest of the season at this point. Boating was the principal attraction, and their being an abundance of boats supplied by Mr Henry, this was enjoyed to the full extent. Everyone is loud in their praise of the accomodations provided by Mr Henry for picnickers at his grounds. The generous treatment that that all received at his hands added largely to the pleasure of the day. Prizes were given for the best decorated wagons in the procession. The first went to Mr Will Dryden and the second to Mr Will Morrison, thus proving the truth of the proverb that where there is a “will” there is a way, in matters of this kind as in other things.


Brooklin always wins

The Brooklin foot ball team decided on short notice to enter in the tournament held in Markham on Dominion day. They had to play against Cedar Grove and Markham teams, both of which they beat, winning the trophy, a handsome silver cup. The telegram received here in the evening was somewhat ambiguous and was taken to mean that the boys had beaten. The exhibition of the trophy they brought home with them was therefore quite a surprise to their many admirers.

The members of the team have been endeavoring to revive interest in the game here lately and they have certainly gone the right way about it in winning their first games for the season. The score in the game with Markham was 4 to 0.

W. A. H.

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