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110 years ago this week
July 15, 1887

Picnics and Visiting

From the Brooklin Column in the Whitby Chronicle, July 15, 1887

Mr. Spense is in Toronto at present.

Miss Barclay is visiting Miss Ketchen.

Capt. Arthur Savage is resting and at home.

Mr. J. F. Dale is able to be around again.

Miss Campbell is visiting in Rochester.

The Baptist S. S. are to pic-nic at Corbett's Point on Tuesday, July 19th.

Mssrs. Frank and Clarence Starr have returned from a visit to Georgetown.

The Rev. K. McLennan, of Whitby, preached in the Presbyterian Church last Sunday.

The annual pic-nic of the young people of Brooklin was held on Tuesday. A pleasant time was spent.

The Rev. S. C. Philp preached his first sermon here on Sunday. He left a very favourable impression.

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