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110 years ago this week
July 29, 1887

Scottish Clydesdales & Missouri crops

From the Local Laconics column in the July 29, 1887, Whitby Chronicle:

MR. THOS. WILSON, of Brooklin has made a new departure in the line of horseflesh. He returned from the old country on Wednesday bringing with him five beautiful Clydesdale mare colts which he purchased in Fifeshire, Scotland. All five stood the trip well and seemed to breathe this foreign air in perfect content. Mr. Wilson is not sure whether he will be able to fit up his stock for the fall fairs or not, but we hope so. The idea of filling a stable with good breeding mares is good and will prove a profitable investment.

MR. JAS. CAMPBELL returned on Wednesday morning from a trip to Missouri to visit his brother Robert. His run there was at the best possible time of year for judging the advantages of the country, as the crops are just now being taken in. Mr. Campbell found Missouri one of the finest farming countries on the continent. It has a wonderfully rich, deep soil, and is watered by fine, large rivers. Farming there is done on a scale of magnificence which delights the visitor. The crops really yield the large amounts we have often heard of, and the seasons are very long, there being scarcely any winter. American corn and wheat and hay can be grown to almost any extent, and the farming appliances are such that machinery does mostly all the work.

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