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110 years ago this week
August 5, 1887

Ashburn shops & harvest time

From the Ashburn column in the August 5, 1887, Whitby Chronicle:


No news is good news.

Mrs. Wickett, of Toronto, is on a visit to her brother, Mr. Jas. Balfour.

We have the Salvation Army every Wednesday evening now, we hope they will do good.

Miss Christina Wilson had a very severe attack of inflammation, but is improving, Dr. Starr is in attendance.

Mr. Jas. Lawrence, our village saddler has been building for himself good foundations--He has just completed a good one for his shop, the Travis brothers were the masons.

Willie Tarvis eldest son of William Tarvis was thrown from a waggon on the way from Raglan and badly injured, from last accounts he was progressing favorably. Dr. Cuthbertson is in attendance.

Mr. James I. Davidson, and John Standyn have been making some good sales lately, principally to parties from the Western States. Lately a gentleman from Indiana bought three animals from them.

Mr. A. Kerr is now in his new shop and has any amount of work pouring in on him. The music of the anvil may be heard sometimes far on in the night, bordering on the ``wee sma'' hours. The new shop is a very fine one, roomy and cheery. It is perhaps the best one in the county to-day.

The Rev. Mr. McClellend and family returned last week again to Ashburn. Mr. McClellend was on a visit to Nova Scotia. He preached in Truro, Windsor and St. Andrews Church, Halifax. Had a very enjoyable time and came back much improved and invigorated. Mrs. McClellend was on a visit to Toronto and spent a very pleasant time. She is much improved in health.

The harvest this year is unusually early and farmers are much hurried--on account of the very warm weather and the want of rain, the grain has all come in at once and is on the light side. Between heat, weevil and rust the crops will not be to the average. Barley which promised well two or three weeks will be very light weight--Wheat will average fifteen or twenty bushels to the acre--Oats are a good crop--The hay yield was unusually good.

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