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110 years ago this week
August 19, 1887

Harvest Time if it's not Burnt

From the Local Laconics column in the August 19, 1887, Whitby Chronicle:


THE public schools in rural sections opened on Monday last. The attendance in the majority of schools was very small, children required at home.

Farmers are busy threshing and we will soon hear of wonderful days threshing on the one hand followed by the cry of poor yield on the other. The threshers and the farmers view things through different spectacles.

BUSH fires have been raging along the line of the 5th con. during the week and at one point Tweedie Bros. were apprehensive lest the devouring element might bear down upon some of the many buildings scattered over their extensive farms. By united efforts of neighbours the fire was confined within safe limits.

A slow news week, so we have a additional, slightly incomprehensible bonus item from the July 27, 1887, Brooklin column in the Whitby Chronicle, concerning bickerings on church matters

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