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110 years ago this week
September 9, 1887

Preacher “Stealing”

From the Brooklin column in the September 9, 1887, Whitby Chronicle:


A local preacher, Mr. Meredith of Toronto, occupied the Methodist pulpit last Sunday. The pastor, Mr. Philp was in Whitby. Every time I have written church notes I have angered somebody; just as long as any are abuses to do it please or anger whom I may. So here goes.

What right have we to lend our preacher to the Whitby Methodists when their preacher is called away to attend a church opening or anniversary? It strike me, rather forcibly, that they ought to be ashamed to steal what we pay for. If their preacher is obliged to be away let them suffer and not us.

Are the Methodists of Whitby so highly cultured that nothing but a first class preacher, specially ordained, can minister to their wants? I believe we know just as much here as they do in Whitby and can appreciate just as highly a cultured and scholarly discourse, I for one object most strongly to the assumption that what wont do for the Tabernacle will do for the heathenish Brooklinites.

Our officials ought to refuse their consent to any such exchange just as unanimously as the Whitby Board ought to refuse to accept it. I have nothing to say against the gentleman who was kind enough to supply the vacancy, but I maintain that he should have been in Whitby and not in Brooklin.

I would be willing to an exchange of pulpits once in a while, or to allow our minister to assist a brother minister on a church anniversary; but to work in the way that Whitby likes does not meet my approbation. I dont suppose our preacher is to blame; nor do I think the congregation at Whitly is to blame. The officials are the responsible parties and I am certain that their action does not give unanimous satisfaction.

It is just as important to have a first class preacher in the pulpit here as it is in Whitby. This business of taking our preacher and getting whatever supply can be obtained on the exigency of the moment has occurred a number of times in the last three years, and it is about time it came to a stop.

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