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109 years ago this week
September 23, 1888

John Davidson’s new house

From the Ashburn column in the September 23, 1888, Whitby Chronicle:


Our population is increasing, several new baby arrivals lately.

Mrs. Gibson, of Arthur Ont. and late of Ashburn was visiting her father Mr. William Heron and her other friends last week.

Mr. John Somerville from Forest Ont. paid a visit during exhibition week to his relatives here the Nichols and Davidsons.

The Toronto fair was largely attended from this locality, every one expressed themselves as more than pleased with the magnificent display.

Mr. James Walker who lives about two and a half west of Ashburn was knocked down in Toronto at the hotel where he put up and robbed of his money.

Miss Lizzie Burns lately returned from Halifax, N. S., and formerly of Brooklin, Ont. is now visiting her sister Mrs. John Davidson. She intends residing permanently in Toronto with her brother John.

Preparations are being made to hold a Christmas fair here at which prizes will be given and no doubt everything offered will find ready sale. The matrons will do well to feed their poultry and prepare exhibits of butter for this fair.

Mr. John Davidson is showing very commendable enterprise, not satisfied with having last summer built one of the finest country residences that one could clap his eyes, or, as Rory O’More would say, “his face on,” he has now secured the services of an experienced landscape gardener and is having his grounds arranged in a regular artistic style. We hope that the grounds, when finished will even excel the house in beauty and that Master and Mistress may have very many years ahead of them to enjoy their beautiful house.

The late sacramental services in the Presbyterian church were more than usually interesting and profitable. The Rev. A. H. Kippon, of Claremont preached at the preparatory services a most appropriate discourse from the words “Come and See” John I 29. On the Sabbath following the Rev. Prof. Gregg D. D. was present and assisted the pastor. Dr. Gregg preached a very logical and eloquent sermon from Heb I 1, 3. The address after the tables were served, delivered by Dr. Gregg was exceedingly appropriate and very much admired. We remember many years ago that Dr. Gregg was scheduled . . .

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