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110 years ago this week
October 28, 1887

Bible Society meeting

From the October 28, 1887 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. R. H. Walks has been re-engaged at Greenwood at a good salary.

Mr. Jas. Hortop has removed his family to Orangeville where he has a situation in a mill.

I was glad to see our old friend Dr. Vanzant in town on Monday evening. We miss his musical voice and ringing laugh very much.

Mr. A. J. Spence has again the fever in his family, two boys aged six and twelve are now very low. The family have the sympathy of the community.

Owing to poor health Mr. Jos. Burroughs has decided to give up farming for a time. He will locate in the village. His brother Mack will work the farm. Now is your chance girls.

Mr. Chas. Sweetapple, Veterinary Surgeon has opened an office in the one lately occupied by Dr. Vanzant. Charlie is young at the business but has had considerable experience under his father’s tuition.

Police magistrate Horne and inspector Ferguson paid a visit to our town last Wednesday and disposed of two Scott Act cases. They were against one Sole from Manchester and Parmer of Whitevale, they were each fined $50 and costs.

Our school board have decided to cancel one from the list of our teachers for next year. Mr. Spence and Miss Pearson have been re-engaged. Mr. Spence’s qualifications as a teacher are well-known and the trustees have acted wisely in securing him for another year. Miss Pearson also has gained for herself a good recommend in the past year.

The 31st annual meeting of the Brooklin Branch of the Bible Society was held in the Methodist Church on the evening of Wednesday the 19th inst. The attendance was much better than at any previous meeting. The agent of the society Rev. W. W. Smith, of Newmarket, Rev. S. C. Philp, Rev. J. A. Carmichael and the officers of the branch occupied seats on the platform.

The election of officers resulted as follows :-- President, Alex. Ketchen; vice-president, Resident minister; treasurer and depository, T. J. Holliday, an executive committee of two members and collectors for the different beats were appointed. Rev. Mr. Smith addressed the meeting for upwards of an hour on the work of the society at home and abroad. He is a very entertaining speaker and his discourse was interesting and instructive. A number of Gospel Hymns were sung during the meeting.

The address which was to have been given by the Rev. S. C. Philp on Sunday evening last was, owing to the rain postponed till next Sunday. He will speak on the temperance question and its bearings on politics. This promises to be good and all that can should avail themselves of the opportunity of hearing Mr. Philp on such an important subject.

The meeting on Monday evening was fairly well attended. Mr. T. J. Holliday ably filled the chair. The Rev's Carmichael, McLelland and Barker were present and gave good sound temperance speeches. The speaking was intersperced with singing by a union choir, and others, cecitations etc. Mr. Holliday as district deputy, of the order spoke to some length on the benefits derived from membership. He extended a hearty invitation to others to join their efforts with the order to help along the great work. The Rev. S. C. Philp opened and closed the meeting with prayer.

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