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110 years ago this week
November 4, 1887

Hallowe'en & a Disappearance

From the November 4, 1887 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. J. B. Jeffrey paid us a visit on Monday. He has been working in Toronto.

Mr. Hault was in town over Sunday last.

Mr. W. A. and Miss E. Halliday were at Greenwood on Friday evening last assisting in the programme at the Presbyterian social. Will has improved wonderfully in singing. He has a deep rich voice and well under control.

Your correspondent had the pleasure of attending a party at Mr. A. Cooke's in Friday evening. It was got up by Ashburn boys, who distributed the invitations impartially. Brooklin and Myrtle were well represented, both as to numbers and handsome ladies.

The question being asked by a great many is, are we going to have a skating rink this winter?

Hallowe'en was celebrated in the usual way here. Door bells were rung, gates carried off, girls assumed male attire and were chased by a wrathy person with a revolver.

Rev. S. C. Philp drew unusually large congregations on Sunday to hear his sermons on the existing relations between politics and temperance.

W. J. Fairfield, M.D., of Battle Creek, is to lecture for the Royal Templars in the masonic hall Thursday evening next. He has a great reputation as a lecturer and musician.

(Correspondence arrived late and had to be curtailed.--ED.)


The many friends of Dr. Cuthbertson here are very sorry on account of his removal and wish him abundant success in his new field of operation. He goes to Elgin Ill. U. S.

The storm a week ago last Sunday made quite a racket in this neighbourhood, blowing down fences, shaking houses and frightening timid people to an alarming degree.

The annual meeting of the Upper Canada Bible Society here takes place on Friday evening Nov. 4th and will be addressed by Rev. W. W. Smith of Newmarket, who is the society's authorized agent. Mr. Smith is highly spoken of, he was the author of the story in the Christmas number of the Globe last year, that took the $100 prize.

The latest sensation here is the sudden disappearance of Mr. Furlong, bag and baggage from Sandy Wilson's farm. The flitting was accomplished during the midnight hour, the next morning Mr. Andrew Nicols whose farm fronts on the ninth concession that on which Furlong lived noticed an unusual quiet about the premises and on going down discovered that the bird had flown.

Everything had been taken except a little hay. Furlong was paying rent at the rate of four dollars an acre. He leaves his rent unpaid and also some other debts. During the last few days his whereabouts has been discovered in Pickering and he has satisfied some of his creditors and to all he has it is understood, promised an early settlement. He moves to Toronto.

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