This Week In Brooklin History

110 years ago this week
November 11, 1887

Guy Fawkes Day & Diphtheria

From the November 11, 1887 Whitby Chronicle:


The 5th of November was celebrated here by the boys. Guy Fawkes being burned in effigy on the vacant lot.

Mr. Wm. Hoar’s lease of the bar has expired. It is now under the management of Mrs. Chinn and the boys.

Mr. Jas. Blair is again on duty collecting Dr. Warren’s accounts. His visits will not be very welcome to a good many these hard times.

Mr. D. Holliday is doing a rushing business in the coal line, he bought two hundred pounds before the advance in price and is thus able to furnish it very reasonably.

Mr. Noah Luke had sold out the remainder of his stock to Mr. Jas. Pirie and is looking for a place to locate. We are sorry to loose Mr. L. as he is a good workman and a quiet citizen.

Mr. Jno. Dryden has received word of the arrival of his cattle at Quebec. They are said to be a very fine herd, numbering forty-one, but it is necessary for them to remain there in quarantine till early in January.

Mr. Wm. Smith is very ill. It appears he got hurt with a colt some time ago and as a result is suffering from contraction of the muscles. He is under the Dr’s care and we hope will soon enjoy his usual good health.

Mr. Frank Harrison was in town on Friday. He is an old Brooklin boy, and has yet a number of friends here who were glad to see him. He came to remove his father’s remains to where other members of the family are buried.

The I. O. U. W. intend, at the close of their meeting on Wednesday evening, to have an oyster supper. The older members of their families are invited. This is the first of the season here, but I hope others will follow and that they will extend their invitations.

The board of health have had several meetings to consider the possibility of stopping the scholars from going to Whitby on account of the diphtheria there. The find however that they do not have the power in themselves to do so, and the majority of the members deem it unnecessary.

The residence of Mr. Luby came very near being destroyed by fire on Tuesday afternoon. If it had not been for the assistance of neighbors who procured ladders and ascended the roof with pails of water, the large structure would have been a total loss. This goes rather hard with the old gentlman who has been very sick.

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