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110 years ago this week
December 2, 1887
An Exam for the Teacher

From the December 2, 1887 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. Thos. Courtice leaves us this week. He removes to Raglan, where he starts business with E. Welbourne.

The Salvation Army has undergone a change of leadership. Capt. Wright, late of Brampton, with a cadet is in charge.

It is about time our skating rink manager was coming to the front and making some preparation. There is considerable work to be done to get it in good shape.

Mr. Wm. Mathewson left Monday morning on a visit to his daughter in Warren, Ill. It was a long journey for an invalid to take alone but he started off in good spirits.

Some mean, despicable sneak, the other night destroyed one of Mr. D. Holliday’s young trees. It is only a short time since Mr. John Camplin had three destroyed in the same way. It is really too bad such parties cannot be found out and punished as severely as the law will admit.

Our teacher, Mr. Spence, leaves on Saturday for Hamilton, where he is going to write on another examination. He already stands high in his profession, but is still climbing the ladder. Mr. Foster Beaton, of Brougham, will teach during the few days he will be absent.

The Rev. S. C. Philp will preach a temperance sermon on Sunday evening next. He will take for his subject “Drinking in moderation”. Mr. Philp is giving the temperance question special attention and has promised to preach a number of sermons on it during the winter.

Mr. John Moore, our station master, has been taking a short vacation. He with his family visited friends in the city. His place was filled by a young man whose business it is to relieve agents. He evidently did not gain the good will of the people here ? not even John O’Day. Mr. Moore was welcomed back to his post.

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