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110 years ago this week
December 30, 1887

Goforths’ Chinese mission lecture

From the December 30, 1887 Whitby Chronicle:


The Rev. Mr. McLelland and Mrs. McLelland spent Christmas week visiting friends and relatives in Toronto.

After the close of Rev. Mr. Goforth’s lecture on Tuesday evening the teachers and officers of the Sunday school presented Mr. Wilson with a beautiful Bible. Mr. Wilson’s efforts in the Sunday school have been highly appreciated by the people of Ashburn and vicinity.

A very interesting entertainment was given by the scholars of the Presbyterian Sabbath school on Friday evening consisting of readings, recitations, dialogues, songs &c. During the entertainment Mr. Eli Wilson the retiring teacher was presented with a beautiful gentleman’s companion as a slight token of the esteem in which he is held by his late pupils. The address was read and presentation made by Miss Maud Huburtus. Mr. Wilson made an appropriate reply.

Rev. Mr. Goforth and Mrs. Goforth paid a visit to the locality on Tuesday in the interests of the Foreign Mission Work of Presbyterian church. They met the Busy Bee Mission Band at 9 p.m. when Mrs. Goforth addressed the members of the band on “Chinese boys” whilst the Rev. Mr. Goforth dealt more particularly with “Chinese character.” The members were highly delighted with the address. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year -- President. Mrs. McLelland, Sect. Miss Lizzie Balfour, Treasurers, Miss Aggie Balfour and Miss Mary Davidson, organists, Miss May Fisher and Miss Maud Huburtus.

Mrs. Goforth attended a meeting of the W.F.M.S. at 3 p.m. and did much to make the same successful. This branch of the W.F.M.S. is doing good work and will compare favorably with those of more ambititous towns. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year.-- Pres. Mrs. McLelland, Vice Pres., Mrs. Jno. Heron, Sect., Mrs. Jno. Davidson, Treas., Miss Gardner.

In the evening the Rev. Mr. Goforth delivered a missionary address in the Presbyterian church to a fairly good audience. The Rev. Mr. McLelland occupied the chair and in introducing the speaker in a few well chosen remarks, paid a high tribute to the intelligence and high christian character of the Rev. gentleman who was about to go forth to preach the gospel to Heathendom.

The Rev. Mr. Goforth displayed two charts and a large map by means of which he illustrated and gave point to his remarks. One chart showed the actual and relative members of mankind according to their religion to be as follows.-- Protestants, 116 million, Greek church, 84 million, Roman catholic, 190 million, Jews, 8 million, Mohammedans, 170 million, Heathen, 856 million.

The other chart instituted a comparison between the amount of money spent for christian mission and the amounts that were spent for education, amusements, cotton and woollen goods, tobacco, bread and spirits in England and the United States only. The figures in millions are as follows -- Drink, 1580; bread, 850; tobacco, 665; woolen goods, 467; cotton goods, 266; amusements, 160; education, 140; christian missions, 10.

The Rev. gentleman made good use of his material, and impressed all present with the full force of his arguments. Mr. Goforth gave a great amount of information to the audience that no doubt will be the means of stimulating many to greater efforts in the work of Foreign Mission.

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The Misses. Hopper, formerly of this town, now in the employ of J. S. Robertson Bros., Toronto, spent Xmas. holidays here.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Campbell, Mitchell, parents of Mrs. W. J. Greenwood, spent Christmas in town with their daughter.

Mr. Jas. Phillipo, junior clerk in the Whitby postoffice was successful in passing the late civil service examination.

Mr. J. F. Dale, Stenographer for Mr. E. O. Graham, of Rochester, is visiting friends here and at Brooklin.

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