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January 13, 1888

Fraud in the Post Office?

From the January 13, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. A. B. Williams, from Bowmanville, shipped one load of cattle from here on Tuesday.

Mr. Joseph Burroughs has been able to get out on the street again. He has been confined in the house for the last five weeks with a severe cold.

The Salvation Army have something special for next Saturday and Sunday. They have bills out announcing two great singers known as Jonathan and David.

A small girl of Mr. Thomas Foster’s got a bad fall the other day while playing with a hand sleigh. In falling she struck the sleigh and broke a small bone in her nose.

The women’s Foreign Missionary society in connnection with the Presbyterian church will hold a social at the residence of Mr. A. Ketchen on Friday evening 13th inst. The invitation is extended to all.

(We are asked to publish the following :- To my friends and others I wish to say that the reports which are in circulation about me are entirely false. 1st, in reference to the deficiency fund in the postmaster’s account of $213.88, of this place. An explanation can be had by applying to me. 2nd, the man that started the report that I sell liquor tells a deliberate falsehood, for, whoever he may be, he never got any from me. Yours truly, D. W. MACDONALD.--ED.)

Our postmaster has got himself into some difficulty with the post office department. By some means he is deficient a considerable sum of money and is at present suspended until the difficulty is solved, a petition, signed by over a hundred, expressing confidence in him and requesting that he may be retained as postmaster, has been sent to the Postmaster General. If his explanations are not satisfactory to the department and he is expelled, there will likely be another squabble for the office and the man who can pull the most wires will be successful.

The executive committee of the S. O. Scott Act association met in the basement of the C. M. church Tuesday afternoon. There was a good representation from the various parts of the riding. A good spirit prevailed through the meeting and a good deal of important business was attended to. A deputation was appointed to wait on the county council at its January session to urge upon it the necessity of providing ample funds so as to secure the better enforcement of the Act. A deputation was also appointed to meet with the provincial alliance to arrange to press upon the government the necessity of amending the Act.

Reports were received from Police Magistrate Horne and Inspector Ferguson showing good work done. The Inspector reported over $4,000 collected in South Ontario alone since Feb. last. The meeting was presided over by the Rev. S. C. Philp and addressed by Mr. Jno. Dryden M.P.P., Mr. Darby, Mr. McTaggart and the Rev. Mr. Keam. The meeting was not very large owing to the stormy night but all present appeared well satisfied with the remarks. The choir enlivened the meeting by a few choice selections.

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