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110 years ago this week
February 3, 1888

Salvation Army gets their flags

From the February 3, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. J. B. Bickell of Toronto is visiting at Mr. Batty’s.

Miss Allie Luke has recovered from a severe cold and is able to get out again.

Mr. Thos. Barker leaves shortly for Toronto. He intends going to the Salvation army training home to prepare himself as an officer in the Army work.

Mr. John and Alex. Elliott of Kingston had a car load of cattle here for several days, waiting the opening of the Grand Trunk.

Feed appears to be getting scarce with a great many farmers and they are disposing of their cattle early. For those who can keep them on till spring the prospects are said to be good.

No one had the inclination or the courage to face the storm on Friday night to Ashburn to attend the Soiree. The weather was so severe that the tea was postponed till Wednesday evening.

Commissioner Coombs, Staff Capt. D. O. Morris, A. D. C. Lewis and other officers of the Army presented colors to the Brooklin corps on Monday night. On the Commissioner’s arrival a torchlight procession was formed and paraded the principal streets. Twelve soldiers were enrolled.

The Royal Templars held an open meeting on Monday evening. A good number of visitors were present, who appeared to enjoy themselves. As the select councillor, Mr. Kitchen, was not present at the opening, Mr. T. J. Holliday occupied the chair. A lengthy and interesting programme was rendered. Rev. S. C. Phelp and some of the older members made very appropriate remarks. Mr. Henry Wilson was present and delivered some of his orations much to the amusement of those present, particularly the ladies, with whom he is a favorite.

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