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110 years ago this week
February 22, 1888

Missionary from Japan coming

From the February 24, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. Clarence Starr spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Mr. Angus Lytle of Toronto spent Friday night with W. M. Lawrence.

John Elliott shipped a car load of cattle and hogs from here on Monday.

Discount sale on all winter goods at R. C. Warren’s. Furs and overcoats at cost.

A large stock of shirtings, cottonades, and spring goods just arrived at R. C. Warren’s.

Mrs. Bingham has been very sick for several days but we are glad to hear she is recovering.

Mr. Ralph Robinson is home for a visit this week. Glad to see you old boy, stay with us a while.

Mr. Albert and Miss Agnes Ormiston of Darlington spent a few days last week at their uncle’s, Mr. Kitchen.

Mr. Noble Stevenson passed away after a week’s illness, on Monday night. Funeral took place on Wednesday two p.m., Salem. He was in his 85th year.

Mr. A. Bowerman gave us a call on Monday. He is looking well. The north country apparently agrees with him. Some time ago he purchased a saw mill west of Haliburton and has been getting out lumber, ties, posts, logs etc. He will remain with us a few weeks.

The special services in the Baptist church here, promise to be of the most beneficial character. They are well attended and the success thus far has been more than ordinary. “Little Florence” does her part well. He singing carries the truth to the heart in a peculiar manner. Mr. Barker preaches a stirring sermon each evening. He has announced two services on Lord’s day next, at 3 o’clock and at 7:30 p.m. A number of converts, and others, are to be baptized in the evening.

A missionary meeting will be held in the Methodist church on Wednesday evening Feb. 29th. The Rev. Hiraiwa Yoshiyasu, of Shidsuoka, Japan, will be present. He is a native of Japanese but can speak the English language very fluently. Will appear in native costumes, sing in the native tongue and exhibit many Japanese curiousities.

He has travelled through the Maritime provinces and met with much success. The Rev. J. F. German, M. A., of Whitby will also be present. The annual Missionary sermons will be presented on Sunday morning and evening.

The carnival came off on Friday night. The weather was everything that could be wished for, and induced a good many to come from a distance. Whitby, Brougham, Ashburn and Myrtle were well represented.

The prizes, as announced on the bills, were awarded as follows :--
For best gentleman in costume, C. E. Ray, Whitby;
for best lady in costume, Miss E. Moore, Brooklin;
for fastest skater, (gent.) 4 times around the rink, C. E. Ray, Whitby;
for best costume, boy under ten years of age, Charlie Bowes, Brooklin,
best costume girl under ten years of age, Miss Ida Chinn Brooklin.

The judges were Mssrs. W. Robson, J. Moore and Hy. Liddle with J. O’Day as referee or general manager. Door receipts amounted to $15.65(?). There will be another carnival in about two weeks.

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