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110 years ago this week
March 9, 1888

New church members

From the March 9, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


The Baptists are having good success in their special meetings, five were baptized last Sunday night, and five the Sunday before, and others will be baptized next Sunday evening. The meetings are to be continued next week.


Mr. Peter Heron and family intend moving away next week. He has rented a farm on Kingston road seven mile from the city.

Special meetings are being held in the Presbyterian church here by the pastor and others. Last week the Rev. Mr. McLachlin from Leaskdale and Mr. Carmichael of Columbus gave powerful addresses.

On last Sabbath was the half-yearly observance of the Lord’s supper. There was a good attendance notwithstanding the very stormy weather, thirteen new members were added to the church.


. . . Anybody who listened to the Japanese convert the other night must have observed the working of a keen, discriminating intellect behind his halting and somewhat imperfect expression, caused by want of familiarity with the language in which he spoke. Surely no person with a spark of sympathy with his fellow men would grudge a contribution to help send to those people the blessings of Christianity which it is our privilege to enjoy, and whatever may be said in favor of sending them the gospel applies with still greater force to the mission work among the benighted Indians of our own country. . . .


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