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110 years ago this week
March 30, 1888
Toronto concert disappoints

From the March 30, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Miss E. Philp is visiting her sister in Toronto.

The Rev. Mr. McLelland of Ashburn will preach in the Presbyterian church here and Columbus next Sunday.

Mr. Carmichael started on Monday for Portage La Prairie where he will preach for a couple of months for a brother minister who is in poor health.

Our old friend Mr. J. J. Johnston of Toronto, but formerly of this place, gave us a call on Tuesday. He reports having enjoyed good health and prosperity during the winter.

The Salvation Army celebrate their fourth anniversary here by holding meetings for three days in succession. Friday, Saturday and Sunday next. Capt. and Mrs. Fisher are expected to be present, during the whole or part of the meetings.

Say young fellow! if you don’t want your girl to go back on you don’t, wear those old clothes any longer; but make tracks for Warrens and leave your order and have Mr. McMarshall get you up one of those nobby suits he is so famous for building.

Mr. James Pirie has secured the services of Mr. Philp Phrayn, late of Solina. As a shoer he cannot be beat and the farming community will be much pleased to have him back in the neigborhood. When in Columbus a few years ago Mr. Phrayn did a rushing business and his old customers will no doubt patronize him again.

The concert given by the Ketcham company on Friday night, was very poorly attended. The programme was well rendered and consisted of choruses by the class duets and solos by Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham. He also illustrated his mode of teaching which is certainly good. The class claim to have received much benefit from the thorough drill and commend him highly as a teacher.

Making money is the principal aim of most of these men and he proved himself no exception to the rule. He manifested this clearly at the close of the concert by making public the names of a few young men who thought of joining the class but were afterwards prevented from doing so. We like to see young men keep their word, but under the circumstances milder terms might have been used.

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