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110 years ago this week
April 13, 1888
Presbyterians’ new library

From the April 13, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


The ladies all say that Warren has the finest stock of prints for the money they see offered anywhere.

We heard about a young man in this village who was relieved of a silk handkerchief by a young lady friend. We sympathize with him in his loss but would direct him to R. C. Warren’s where he will find a choice assortment to choose from.

Mr. Geo. Hardy starts on Thursday for British Columbia to join his brother who is located at Victoria, Vancouver.

Mr. James Moore is down with congestion of the lungs, Dr. Starr is in attendance.

Mr. John Hoar has given up farming and moved into the village.

The Presbyterian Sabbath school intend holding a social and entertainment shortly. They have lately purchased a new library and are taking this plan to raise part of the price. We understand a line of new books was very much needed and trust the social will be well patronized.

Mr. James Cheyne has purchased Mr. A. J. Elliott’s house and lot near the station and will remove there at an early date.

Mr. John Warren, Toronto, was down a few days this week on business. He speaks favorably of times in the city.

Mr. Henry E. Maynard will give an exhibition of his skill in the management of the horse here on the afternoons of Monday and Tuesday of next week. He gives a free lecture on opening and then forms a class, charging a tuition fee of fifty cents.

The Rev. J. E. Barker has announced that his subject next Sunday afternoon will be, “The Security of Believers,” Rom. VIII; 88.

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