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110 years ago this week
April 20, 1888
Organ pumper moves out

From the April 20, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Mrs. Burroughs moved to Whitby on Monday.

Mr. John Rogers of the medical, Toronto, has been visiting friends in the village this week.

Mr. John Robinson, with his family, removes to Orillia this week where he intends living for the summer.

Mr. John Robson and Mr. Chas. Liddell are attending the great horse sale which is being held in Toronto this week.

Mr. Ralph Robinson left for Longford mills on Wednesday morning where he has a situation as book keeper for the summer.

The Rev. J. F. Barker has announced that he will tell us next Sunday at 8 o’clock “How the believer is to be kept vigorous and fruitful.”

There is likely to be a vacancy in the choir of the Methodist church. Mr. Albert Fitchett is about to resign his position as organ pumper and move to Whitby. It will, no doubt, be necessary to put a boy under special training for a considerable period in order that he may be competent to fill such an important position. If you are requiring any aid in that profession we beg to inform you that Albert can pump a pipe organ to perfection.

There was a good representation of the members of the R. T. of T. at their meeting on Monday night last. An interesting programme consisting of readings, recitations, singing etc., was rendered. A box of subjects also had been distributed and many of those who had drawn responded very intelligently.

At the next regular meeting a debate will constitute part of the entertainment. The subject is “Resolved that the Scott Act is a success and should be sustained.” The sides are, for the affirmative, W. M. Lawrence, captain, supported by Mr. W. A. Holliday, and Mr. S. Jeffrey. Negative Mr. T. J. Holliday, captain supported by Mr. E. W. Cooper and Mr. J. E. Johnson.

The names of the participants is a sufficient guarantee that there will be powerful arguments advanced on both sides. If you can make it convenient to come out Mr. Ed. we will give you and introducton to the goat and give you the privilege of taking notes for your valuable paper.

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