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110 years ago this week
May 4, 1888
Horse trading all around

From the May 4, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


We are glad to be able to state that Mrs. Wm. Robson is much better.

Mr. A. E. Campbell left on Saturday to fill a position as conductor on a short line line of railway between Irondale and Bancroft.

The Presbyterian Sabbath school social, mentioned a few weeks ago, is to take place in the basement of the church on Friday evening May 18th. A suitable programme will be given. We will try and give the particulars next week.

The Rev. Mr. Abraham of Whitby preached in the Presbyterian church here on Sunday afternoon, and the Rev. Mr. Eastman of Oshawa to the Columbus branch of the congregation. The Rev. Jas. Ross conducts both services next Sunday at the usual hour.

Mr. W. J. Murray has purchased the beautiful trotting stallion “Ontario Mambrino,” from Mr. Jas. Wilson, Oshawa. The horse is a rich bay in color and over 15 hands and is really a noble looking animal. He is pronounced by competant judges as being one of the finest horses in this section.

Dr. Hickingbottom has sold his driver to Mr. W. Hyland. Oshawa and purchased a spotted colt from Mr. Wm. Brash of Ashburn. The Dr. is putting up a large sign at his gate, this together with his rising fame and spotted driver will advertise him pretty thoroughly.

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