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110 years ago this week
May 25, 1888
Anniversary at Burns Church

From the May 25, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


The Rev. D. M. Welton, Ph. D., D. D., professor at McMaster Hall, will preach at the Baptist church here next Sunday at 8 o’clock p. m.


Now that the crops are all in every one is anxiously looking for rain.

The young people make the most of the excellent roads and the beautiful moonlight nights that prevail at present.

The Dominion Day Celebration Committee are beginning to stir themselves in anticipation of the approaching holiday. It would not be a bad idea to run an excursion via C.P.R. from Toronto and arrange to have train stop at the crossing of the gravel road.

The anniversary service of Burns’ church, held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday last, were remarkably successful both in point of attendance and in interest manifested in the work of the church. The Sabbath services were ably conducted by Rev. Dr. Cavan of Toronto and the Rev. Mr. Dadson of Claremont.

The discourses of the Rev. Doctor were most impressive and the large congregations that assembled to hear him were visibly moved by his eloquent and forcible utterances. The efforts of the Rev. Mr. Dadson were also highly appreciated and he may always expect to be greeted by a large audience whenever he visits us. The collections bore testimony to the liberality of the congregation and netted a neat sum for church work. On Monday a large gathering assembled at the annual Tea and after doing ample justice to the bountiful spread prepared by the kind ladies of the congregation repeaired the the church where the intellectual part of the programme was fully discussed.

The chair was ably filled by Mr. J. B. Dow, Barrister, Whitby, who took occasion, in opening the meeting, to pay a large tribute to the stirling worth of the congregation over which the Rev. Mr. McClelland so ably presided. The Rev. Mr. Abraham grew really eloquent in discussing the theme he had selected for the occasion, and he had not spoken many minutes before it was plain to be seen, that not only had he his subject, “True Manhood,” well in hand, but that an interesting and instructive address was in store for the large and intelligent audience that had assembled.

So it proved and if any one went away without higher and nobler aims than when they came their sense of the “True and the Beautiful” must have been crude indeed. John Dryden, M. P. P., delivered a thoroughly practical address on the “Nobility of Work” and started his audience on a line of thought that many will fine pleasant and profitable to follow. The Rev. Mr. McLennan of Whitby delivered a spirited address on the “Unity of the Church” that cannot but be productive of much good. The Rev. gentleman has a fine command of language and an excellent voice and he was listened to with rapt attention.

The vocal solos by Mrs. Graham and the anthems by the choir were not only appropriate but were exceedingly well rendered. Votes of thanks to all the ladies of the congregation; to the speakers; the choir; to Mrs. Graham and the chairman, brought a pleasant evening’s entertainment to a close. Several friends drove out from Whitby and all enjoyed themselves immensely. The after-social on Tuesday evening was the special enjoyment of the children of the Sabbath school and they were not slow to avail themselves of it.

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