This Week In Brooklin History

110 years ago this week
June 1, 1888
A bang up good dog fight

From the June 1, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Miss Maggie Johnson returned on Saturday from the city where she has been visiting for a considerable time.

Mr. Manning can safely claim to have had the earliest potatoes around these parts. On the 4th of May he had a pie for dinner made of new potatoes.

Mr. John Sinclair conducted the services in the Presbyterian church on Sunday last. He starts this week for Algoma where he will preach for the four months until college re-opens. He is a young man of ability and will no doubt make his mark in the work to which he has been called.

The 24th passed off quietly in our little burg. The base ball enthusiasts congregated on the ball grounds, chose sides and set to. The batteries were Bailey and Bowles; and Spence and Cooper, two pedagogues. The score stood 21 to 27 in favor of the peds. The boys are all sluggers and the ball was hardly ever on terra firma.

Last winter was a hard one on some old nags in Brooklin and their carcasses are now filling the air with milliferous sweetness. Any man who doesn’t know enough to bury dead horses ought to be tied to the decaying carcass and compelled to inhale the fumes for a week. The air is being poisoned and I beg leave to call the attention of the Board of Health to the matter, People who leave any dead or refuse matter around surely know they are only inviting a plague by leaving it uncovered.

The social given by Parson Philp and his family was a successful affair. A very sociable crowd of people gathered together and enthusiastically showed their appreciation of the good things provided. The literary part was well sustained by Rev. J. J. Redditt who made an excellent address on the day itself, by Miss A. Delong and Master H. Delong whose recitations were excellent especially the latter, which coldn’t be beaten. The musical part was well sustained by the choir, Mr. W. A. Holliday and Master L. Cuttell. The proceeds amounted to about $33.

Many of our citizens were treated to a sight on Saturday last the likes of which has not been witnessed since the last circus. It was what you could call a bang up good dog fight or rather a combination of dogs and men. Two of our most able canine bombatants, of which our village can boast, undertook to settle an old grudge and chose as the field of action the street in front of the “Times” office. All business was for the time suspended and they were not long in drawing a crowd to witness what appeared to be a life and death struggle.

The Times man, living in the immediate vicinity was somewhat interested in the affair, wished to share in the spoils and while the dogs pulled for the head he went for the tail and when he got a hold was as determined as any of them. It was not until a quantity of water had been thrown on them, the dogs I mean, that they were persuaded to desist. After the dust and smoke cleared away the dogs could be seen exchanging glances which seemed to avow by all that was dog-like that they would meet again and fight it out at some future time when press representatives would be excluded. The Times man bore his dorg to the woodshed for repairs, and when the canine again emerges from obscurity it is expected a tail to unfold several inches shorter than has been its custom previously.

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