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101 years ago this week
July 2, 1897
Brooklin’s football team

From the July 2, 1897 Whitby Chronicle:


Miss Elma Holliday leaves this (Friday) morning for a visit with friends in Buffalo.

Miss Elma Starr left on Monday to visit her brother, Dr. F. H. Starr at Bath, N. Y.

Mr Chas. Morrison is home from the Agricultural College, at Guelph, for the summer vacation.

Rev Mr Clare, the new methodist minister at Greenwood, preached here on last Sunday morning.

Mr. L. Darlington, of Buffalo, is here to remain till about Sept 1st with his aunt, Miss Darlington.

Mr Obed Magner, from Michigan, is here on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Magner. Mrs. Magner, now in her 82nd year, is in very poor health, and her recovery is not looked for.

Some time ago the members of the Scarborough Rangers football club, proposed a game with the Brooklin football team, each to put up one of the trophies they had previously won. This offer has now been accepted by the Brooklin players, on condition that the game is played here, an allowance being made the Scarboro team for expenses. We hope these two teams will be brought together soon as a first class game would be the result.

The Home Work books of the highest class of the Jr Dep’t of our school were examined his week by Mr W. A. Holliday. The prizes given by the teacher were awarded as follows: – 1st prize, Grant Eddy; 2nd prize Nellie Colwill; while honorable mention was made of the book belonging to Lottie Whitfield. The examiner expressed the opinion that some of the work, the drawing especially, was very creditable to have been done by second book pupils.

When the rain commenced falling on Tuesday morning those interested in the big Sunday School picnic, congratulated themselves on the fact that the dust would be nicely laid, but in the afternoon when the rain was still pouring down, their feelings were changed, and they became anxious as to the outcome. On Wednesday morning, though the weather was dull and somewhat threatening, it was decided to go through with the programme. It was well that this was done, as at the time set for the start, a very large number had gathered at the appointed place. In fact, it is doubtful if the turnout would have been as fine as had been hoped for. Many of the wagons and teams were nicely decorated and the procession presented quite a bright appearance, and started off with the expectation of spending a happy day. I hope to tell CHRONICLE readers next week, that none were disappointed in this.

W. A. H.

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