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101 years ago this week
July 23, 1897
The Hazards of Hay

From the July 23, 1897 Whitby Chronicle:


Mrs Payne of Toronto is visiting her sister Mrs A Roberts.

Fly pans, stick paper and insect powder at Holiday Bros.

Ella and Lilian Holliday are visiting with Miss Lick of Oshawa.

Miss Lena Baer of Brougham, visited her sister, Mrs J Allin this week.

Mr Peter McDairmid of Pickering, whose team ran away with him and killed him on Tuesday, lived on the farm now occupied by Mr T Mannings, about 25 years ago.

The G.T.R. section men from here went to attend a gathering of railway men met to bid farewell to their late road-master Mr Ferguson, who has been removed to London.

In reporting the list of candidates at the recent entrance examination held at Whitby the name of Miss Maud Delong from Brooklin school was omitted. She took a standing of 485.

The hay crop is turning out well and the prospects for a bountiful grain crop were never better. The demand for harvest hands is unusually brisk here and there are no idle men to be found at present.

At the meeting of the Presbytery of Whitby held at Bowmanville on Tuesday last, it was decided to hold the October meeting in Brooklin. At the same time the annual convention of the young people’s societies will be held here.

Mssrs Bennett of Markham, and Richardson on Kinsale, have decided to establish a cash market here for the purchase of farm produce. They will be here next Thursday 19th inst, and regularly on that day of the week for the future. They hope to do a big business.

Mr A Hueson was badly hurt on Friday by falling from a load of hay. His shoulder was badly hurt and his head cut. It is very fortunate his neck was not broken as this might easily have happened with the fall he had. It will be several weeks before he is again able to go to his work.

The splendid showing made by the pupils of the Brooklin school at the recent entrance examination is particularly gratifying to all who are interested in our academy. Only one other school outside of the town passed as many, and of the four scholarships given two came to Brooklin. No better result could have been expected, and we heartily congratulate Mr Eddy and his pupils.

County Judge Dartnell held court in the council room here on Tuesday last to hear appeals from the Court of Revision. The only appeal entered was one by Reb J H Harris, who claimed that the St. Thomas Church parsonage, situate in Brooklin, is exempt from assessment, the Court of Revision having decided that it was not exempt. Mr J E Farewell, Q C, appeared for the petitioner and Mr J B Dow for the township. The evidence was all taken but the case was not concluded. Arguments of council will be heard at Whitby at a date to be agreed upon. The judge’s decision will be awaited with considerable interest.

W. A. H.

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