This Week In Brooklin History

110 years ago this week
May 18, 1888
Bicycles are all the rage

From the May 18, 1888 Whitby Chronicle:


Mr. Richard Hall is quite ill with inflammation of the lungs.

Mr. Chas. Grass has rented and moved into Mr. Chamberlain’s house.

Mrs. Hunter, of Buttonville Ont., is visiting at her father’s, the Rev. S. C. Philp.

We know a lady living a little east of us who has 19 hens and receives daily 18 eggs. If any one can beat this we would like to hear from them. There is no fish yarn about this they were really eggs and were exchanged for some of those beautiful prints at R. C. Warrens.

Dr. Starr was driving down Mr. Vipond’s lane on Friday last when his team of colts became frightened at something and made a plunge to get away. The Dr. tried to rein them up but in doing so broke the lines. They then dashed madly out on the road and upturned and got away from the rig. The Dr. was not hurt and buggy was very slightly injured.

Remember the maple syrup and fruit social in the basement of the Presbyterian church on Friday evening this week. A number of friends from Ashburn are expected to take part in the programme. A good sweet time is expected and all who can come will not regret it. No charge will be made but a freewill offering will be taken up at the table.

Bicycle riding has gotten to be all the rage here at present. There are six in and around the village who are thinking of forming themselves into a club and go out to beat the world. Judging from the bruised limbs and torn pantaloons of some of those learning their experience has most emphatically been anything but pleasant. Talk about getting tangled up in a wheelbarrow after dark, it is certainly not desirable; but when a fellow gets thrown across the road and then followed up and kicked when down it is getting is getting about time to protest such treatment.

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